A View From Within


New for 2013

Enter the asylum in a working service elevator. Check in at the admin nurse station, and settle in for a terrifying stay.  Comfortable? Good. Now follow me.

Clowns? Do you have a clown phobia? Why? Clowns are funny and cute right?

Jungle. : Snakes or spiders. Real?  We would have it no other way. Get lost in a moss covered swamp. There is only one way out. The rope bridge, swinging over a real swamp!

Chainsaw maze: Meet CRAZY Tom, and his half-brother, CRAZY Dave. Will you get out alive?

Infectious disease. Yellow fever? Typhoid fever? Small pox? Anthrax?  They are all waiting for you.

Cemetery:  A lonely church with a lovely graveyard shrouded in fog. An off smell? A shadow?  The faint sound of a shovel in moist dirt? Darker, darker, yet darker…one more step and…the priest! Thank goodness! Step this way? A final blessing? NO!!!

Insane Asylum: Held tight by a crisp straight jacket and padded walls, journey into the inner sanatorium of Anguish Asylum. You know the rules.  NEVER look the patients directly in the eye. And most important…no spitting.

Funeral Parlor: Soft sobbing from the casket. Gentle organ music. A lovely display of the deceased with her cherished family captured in a happier moment, now gone…and yet..?

Birth: We all fear death, but have you ever considered your birth? Without a doubt THE most violent moment in your life. Experience the trauma again, but remember it this time. The stuff real nightmares are made of.

Body Shop: A serial killers hidden chamber. Tastefully decorated and plenty to eat in the freezer. Careful with that axe Eugene!

La Llorona:  Maria drowns her children to be with the man she loves.  There  is no fury like a woman scorned!                Ay mis hijos!

Criminally Insane Experimental Unit: Lobotomies and inhumane experiments are the choice of these twisted technicians.

Gas Chamber: “You are hereby sentenced to die by a lethal dose of poisonous cyanide gas. May God have mercy on your soul.” …or not.

Zombies: The walking dead. Bodies, charred,  piled in heaps waiting their turn to be burned. You may never pass this way again.

Hurricane, category 5:  The only way out.

And so much more…

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